ILA Sumac

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The sour berry of the sumac shrub grows wild in the Mediterranean — especially in southern Italy and parts of the Middle East. It is commonly used across the Middle East as a tart garnish or accent, often in place of lemon. We love it’s rich purple hue and use it liberally for an unexpected nuance.

Flavor Notes

Tart, fruity delicate

Anti-oxidant, diuretic and high in Vitamin C and Omega 3 fatty acids

Sprinkle as a garnish on fish, meats, tomato salad, onions and hummus

ILĀ is a collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen and home. Carefully sourced from purveyors around the world, Ila’s products have been selected for integrity and are aimed to inspire you to gather, cook and celebrate the act of a shared meal.

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