SIN Prong Fruit Bowl (Terracotta, Small)


Product Details

Perfect for fruit that needs to breathe (often referred to as ALL FRUIT), the Prong bowl is redefining the coiling technique. Each and every bowl is slightly unique, just like the homes they’re made to live in. And for a little extra magic, drape a tea towel over the bowl and voila: you’ve got a breadbasket.


3.5" x 7"
Plays Well With Lemons, Limes and Hot Cross Buns
Made of Terracotta Ceramic
Handmade in Brooklyn, New York

Founded by Virginia Sin, a Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary designer, SIN is a meticulously handcrafted homegoods brand that designs textiles, bowls, candlestick holders and more. Known for her unexpected use of porcelain and ceramic, Virginia Sin’s pieces also challenge the limitations of clay within the lighting industry.

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