Norden 9 Year 5 oz. Ceramic Candle


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Cedarwood, Floral, Warm Spice
Fragranced w/ 100% All Natural Essential Oils

Smells Like

Late summer garden, floral, grass, woody, spice.

A Travel Sized Version of our 12 oz. Ceramic Candle
Black Speckle Glaze
Hand Thrown Stoneware
Made in California
Wash out and reuse after burning
Coconut & Apricot Wax Blend
Approximate 30 Hour Burn Time
Hand Poured in the USA

Celebrating 9 years, we made a limited 5 oz ceramic candle. This scent reminds of the latter part of a summer in the garden before heading into fall. Where the days start to cool but the floral scents still linger. Floral aromas and warm earth spices; evoking a calming season transition.

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