Corridor Snow Check Clubhouse Shirt Multi


Product Details

100% cotton
Regular fit
Made in India by Corridor's partner workshop

Corridor is a New York-based, independent brand focused on positive energy and raising vibrations. The clothing is inspired by color, nature, music, love, and spirituality.


The complexity lies within the fabric. Made of multi colors, this regular fit shirt can be styled up or down.


Inches S M L XL XXL
Chest 20.5" 21.5" 22.5" 23.5" 24.5"
Shoulders 18" 18.75" 19.5" 20.25" 21"
Sleeve Length 25.5" 25.75" 26" 26.25" 26.5"

Model is 5'11" 175 lbs and wears a size large

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