We are excited to introduce our limited edition collaboration with Faculty Department and its founder, Justin Chung. Inspired by the visual world created by Justin, this wool blanket is custom jacquarded with a soft blend of cotton and wool. We love the central circular design - and the reversibility of the blanket which causes a unique interplay of color. Available in Forest and Desert, the Norden x Faculty Department Blanket is cozy, neutral addition to any space.

We first were introduced to Justin Chung through Faculty Department - a personal project that focuses on the lives, spaces and stories of creative individuals worldwide. We love getting to peek into the homes of those we admire, plus the opportunity to be introduced to new and inspiring people. We connected with Justin Chung to learn more about his creative process - plus, we're sharing a look at our warehouse and production space through his lens. Justin stopped by a few months ago to capture photos of our space and check out how our goods are made.

Shop the Norden x Faculty Department Wool Throw Blanket here. All photos courtesy of Justin Chung.

What are some of the major milestones that have defined your creative process?

Looking back, I think some of my defining milestones have been the experiences I’ve had  working with other artists and creatives, and getting to know how they live and work. In particular, meeting my friend, chef, Shoichiro Aiba, and learning about the  careful attention he pays to his food and restaurant helped me gain more insight into how I wanted to approach my own creative process as an artist.  

How would you describe Faculty Department and how this project came to be?

Faculty Department was created as a place for me to share my personal photography essays that I collected over the years. It began out of curiosity, as I was shooting studio visits, artist profiles, and stories of small businesses, and getting a closer look at how these different people approach everyday life. 

What do you usually try to capture when documenting someone’s personal space? 

Through these photography essays, my goal is to build a visual narrative that gives viewers a sense of connection and intimacy, whether it's through portraiture, ,interior or still-life photographs, the goal is to capture those in-between moments throughout the subject’s everyday life. 

What usually stands out to you the most?

In pursuing these stories over the years, I’m always fascinated and inspired by people’s overall processes and approaches to their craft. I think just being in a setting where things are built from scratch has always been of interest to me. 

What projects are you looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to building and sharing more stories, hopefully exploring other regions that I haven’t spent much time in, like Northern California and the Southwest.  

Shop the Norden x Faculty Department Wool Throw Blanket here.

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