Over the past few months, we've focused on developing and sourcing new products for our site with the intention of making your (and our) time at home a little nicer and cozier. As we continue to spend more time at home, you might be looking for goods to freshen up your space - or seeking new rituals to add definition to each day. We've compiled a few pieces for 'The Cozy Guide' that we think will bring a little warmth to your home during this time - and always. 

Our Wool Blankets

Custom jacquarded with original designs from our team, our wool blankets are made with a soft blend of 88% wool and 12% cotton. Each blanket is reversible and is woven by an established European textile mill with over 175 years of experience. This season, our collection is available in Forest and Desert - and in two striking, but subtle patterns. We've brought back the Norrebro Blanket, which features an arching striped design inspired by the creative neighborhood in Copenhagen and its Superkilen Park. The Ostermalm Blanket features a bold checkered pattern, and takes its name from the busy neighborhood in Stockholm where we once cozied up at the Miss Clara Hotel. 

Socks from Druthers

We are stoked to now offer an even greater assortment of cozy socks from Druthers. A New York City-based company, Druthers focuses on making sustainable clothing and unisex basics. Their House Socks are a staple for us - especially during the cooler months. 

Shop Druthers here.

Travel-Inspired Home Fragrance

Our fragrances are inspired by destinations we've traveled to, and capture our olfactory memories of times spent in places like Big Sur, Ojai and Hanalei. As we are encouraged not to travel, our candles remind us of the great outdoors and cities we look forward to exploring again soon. 

A Selection of Slippers

We are excited about the curated selection of slippers we currently offer. From ABE to Sasawashi, there is a style to keep everyone's feet warm. Stay tuned for more sizes - restocking soon!

Shop slippers here.

Superfood Latte Blends from Golde

Golde launched their line with the Original Turmeric Latte Blend in 2017. Since then, they've grown their product line and are on to make wellness easy, accessible and fun for all. Their latte blends are a great way to start the day, or as an afternoon routine to wind down the workday. We think they pair perfectly with the new Norden Mug. 

Shop Golde here.

The Norden Mug

With most meals, and morning coffees, taken at home these days, we are stoked to add The Norden Mug to our collection. Inspired by our signature ceramic candle shape, each mug is handmade and has unique glaze patterns and features. 


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