Escape With Norden: Explore Our Travel-Inspired Fragrances

Escape With Norden: Explore Our Travel-Inspired Fragrances

This summer, as we spend more time at home, Norden fragrances can help you get away - with calming natural scents inspired by the great outdoors, beachside hideaways and peaceful moments of respite.

Our fragrances are inspired by destinations that we've traveled to around the world, and capture the olfactory memories of our time spent there. We recently reintroduced our collection of glass candles, available in three complex scents — Hanalei, Topanga and Vik. Now featuring a refreshed vessel with a more opaque appearance, our Glass Candles each capture the essence of three locales near to our hearts: Kauai, Malibu, and Iceland. 

Right now, we're especially loving the Hanalei Candle — as we dream of days spent on a tropical isle...from home. Inspired by the North shore of Kauai, the Hanalei Candle features notes of Coconut and Japanese Peppermint to capture summer days at the beach, surf wax and sunscreen. One of our favorite experiences on this visually stunning island was when we had the opportunity to stay at a friend's cabin, handmade by the artist and craftsman Jay Nelson.  The home is truly unique, and was a secluded hideaway from much of the island. For us, the Hanalei fragrance is a way of remembering the deserted beaches, tropical forests and those lazy, rainy days. We hope this candle helps you remember your favorite days near the sea.

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